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He Had 3 Chances At Love
One was rich,
One was sassy,
and one was sweet.
They were all beautiful;
and they all loved him.
But that was yesterday.
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What The Cool Kids Do :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 0 0
Double Tongue Piercing by bam-bam-989 Double Tongue Piercing :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 0 1 Elf WIP My First Face Drawing by bam-bam-989 Elf WIP My First Face Drawing :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 1 0
Christmas At The Tucks
       "Merry Christmas!"
Meep groaned and rolled over onto his back, slowly opening one eye, then the other. A pale face with a wide grin and bright brown eyes looked down at him. A mess of long blue hair tumbled all around the face and spilled onto the bed.
"Happy Christmas," Meep replied groggily, stuffing a hand in his friends face and rolling over again.
"Come on, every one else is awake already. We're waiting on you."
Meep sighed and sat up, swinging his feet off the side of the bed. "Dammit, every time you sleep in my bed Kanik, you yank the sheets off." Kanik grinned.
"Boys! Your breakfast is getting cold!" Meep could hear his mother's voice resonate pleasantly throughout the house.
"Get me my clothes, bitch." Meep said, indicating a crumpled heap on the floor. Kanik bent down and picked up the clothes, handing them to Meep. He threw the old gray sweatpants on over his boxer shorts, and struggled hastily into his white tank-top.
"You should se
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Tracy Is Asked To Dance
Tracy sat on a metal folding chair, his legs, in their torn jeans, splayed out in front of him. He watched as a few of his friends danced with their significant others. His eyes flickered from the couples, to the wall, to his hands in his lap, to the clock on the wall, and back again to the couples. Eddie's death shouldn't have come as a shock. He'd suffered from his cancer for a few years now. He had just seemed, well, indestructible. Yet here Tracy sat, at this celebration of his good friend's life.
"Hey, Tracy." His eyes flickered to the woman who had just sat down beside him. Robin, his friend Toby's wife.
He took a deep breath, his shoulders rising and then falling with the force of it, his shining eyes turned to hers. "Hey honey, how are you doing?" He tugged at the side of his mustache, and his leg quivered, he twitched the corner of his mouth to give her a small crooked smile.
"I'm doing alright. Why aren't you dancing Tracy?" She nudged him on the shoulder playfully, giving hi
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Thinking of You - Full by bam-bam-989 Thinking of You - Full :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 0 5 A Walk Through The Park by bam-bam-989 A Walk Through The Park :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 2 0
Chapter 1 - Hailstorm
"Oof!" The sound squeezed it's way out of Atreyu's throat. An involuntary betrayal of his pain as he fell flat on his backside into the puddle. He struggled to get to his feet as hunks of ice rained down around him.
He ran a few more paces to the nearest tree and flung himself around it, hugging the trunk. He peered around it to see where he had just been and shrank down to the ground, removing his arms from view. He watched tentatively. He saw the bloodstained creature appear on the horizon, where he had been but many moments ago. Atreyu held his breath and watched it turn and dissapear. Exhale, he thought to himself, and did.
After what seemed hours, he dared move again and continued on in his direction. The trees infinitely surrounded him and brought him a wavering sense of peace.
Footstep after footstep remained careful and slow although his instinct was to run. Run from the pain, run from the evil, run from the predator, but he didn't. He maintained his quiet pace as he app
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Skean Discovers He's A Daddy
Skean sighed. All of his friends, or at least Rake, were trying to get him to settle down. "You're always lonely and it's not good for you!" He'd always say. Well Skean was perfectly happy being alone.
He sank down onto his couch and closed his eyes. He began drifting to sleep when the phone rang.
"Goddamn it! - Who needs friends? All they ever do is bug the Hell out of me." He snorted at his words. He was a vampire. The Hell in him was there to stay.
He threw his arm over the side the couch and picked up the receiver.
"What!?" he demanded. A moments silence followed.
"I…uh… just called to say that the guys and I were going to have a little barbecue. Wondered if you might… you know… want to join us?" The voice was cautious. Meep could tell that his friend was ticked off.
Skean sighed again. "Sorry Meep," he said, "Yah, I'll try to make it over."
"Great!" Meep perked up. "See ya in a few!" With that he hung up the phone.
Why does nobody say good-bye over the phone an
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Eddie by bam-bam-989 Eddie :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 3 0 'Where Eagles Fly' by bam-bam-989 'Where Eagles Fly' :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 0 3 Gil by bam-bam-989 Gil :iconbam-bam-989:bam-bam-989 0 4



Elizabeth A. Davis
United States
Current Residence: Maine
Favourite genre of music: A little bit of everything, mostly country and rock
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Your mom's shell....
Skin of choice: ......My Own.. Or someone elses is good too...
Favourite cartoon character: Herbert The Pervert
Personal Quote: "We are all crucified"
Re - read my poem today. The one about suicide.  I thought of it due to yet another occurrence at my former high school. My cousin was friends with the girl. I looked at her Facebook and couldn't help but cry. She was only 15, and so beautiful. It hurts my heart to think about it.

I was there once. A little younger than that when the thoughts inhabited my head,  my being. As I got older it was easy to look back at those moments and snigger at myself. How immature I'd been. I knew nothing of true misery. I've learned more of it since but never been driven back to that place. But when I stop and think about it, truly,  how can misery be measured? As young people we're constantly being told by adults that we're being dramatic, that life goes on, we don't have it as bad as we think we do. That may be true. I know for a fact it gets worse.  But only experience will learn you that. You really do get stronger.

That doesn't change the fact that, while not as bad as it could be or even would be, the misery is real. And everyone seeks validation. We don't want to be told our feelings aren't real or that they're unrealistic. Because we are feeling them damn it! It's important to have someone just understand. Just to nod and say "it's ok to feel this way." To maybe even hold our hand.

When I wrote the poem it flowed from me so effortlessly I never really thought about what it might mean or what I was trying to convey. But as I was thinking about it today I realized; my methods of dealing with pain have evolved. I no longer scratch at my arms with knives or nails. And for a while I'd scoff at those that did, thinking how immature those people must be. After all, I was 12 when I started, 13 when I stopped. Instead I pollute my body with cigarettes and alcohol and sometimes other things. My self mutilation now has a convenient guise I call art.

Is it better? For me it is. For years I tricked myself into believing these were just behaviors I enjoyed, and believe me I enjoy them. But they are an outlet for my pain and suffering.

But morally, is my method better than hers? Better than his? Maybe not. But I am still here, and I am beyond thankful for that.
  • Listening to: Elvis Presley
  • Reading: A Clash of Kings
  • Watching: Eastbound & Down
  • Playing: Fable
  • Eating: Subway Cookies (ftw)
  • Drinking: Fiji Water & Crystal Light


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